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      Tianjin Ocean Sail International Logistics Co.,Ltd is approved by the government of PRC,which is a first-class qualitication international forwarding corporation,the core members of the WIFFA organization,President unit of Tianjin port.At home and abroad,having a set of complete freight service network,it mainly engages in vessel chartering,freight forwarders and other multi-function distribution service.
      The corporation was established in 1996,20% of the employee have more than 10 years working experience in port,more than 70% employee have 5 years shipping industry experience,include the controllers,operators and marketing sales,all of them are proficient in the professional business;and have good relationship with the shipping companies,ports and customs,and promptly coordinate and solve the treatment of the spot or work in emergencies. Perfect network,telephone tracking service system make easily to know the goods trend,make the whole shipment is secured,really having the customers providing good quality,high efficiency,professional services,in Tianjin port and other ports with considerable strength.
      The main business of the corporation:all kinds of bulk and general cargo booking for the charter business,import and export container(including special box)and LCL business,all kinds of goods of the storage,transit and the port of loading & unloading,shipment,packaging,and a complete set of modern logistics management,domestic trade logistics,distribution,door to door service.